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The scale of the US industry information will be available, and the door management store provides t

The data shows that in 2015, China's service industry grew by 8.3% year-on-year, which was higher than the GDP growth rate of the GDP and the growth rate of the secondary industry by 1.4 and 2.3 percentage points respectively, accounting for 50.5% of the GDP, which was more than half of the first time. Compared with developed countries, China's service industry still has 20%-30% development space. The beauty industry belongs to the physical service industry, and the entire market has a scale of hundreds of billions, but the degree of informatization is relatively low compared with the retail catering industry. The reason is that the catering and retail traffic is large, reaching a wide range of people, while the US passenger traffic is relatively small, coupled with the quality of the employees leading to low information and low management efficiency.

The main management methods of the company are paper account book and simple cash register and settlement software. Paper management accounts for about 90% of the industry's customers. The function is simple and can only be used to manage the membership card. Meiye's customers and storefronts are more sticky. Although they are low-frequency consumption, once users choose a store, it is difficult to switch to other stores after receiving good service. Therefore, Meiye has reservations management and customer management requirements. To be higher than catering and retail, the software form of the application is not necessarily based on settlement of cashiers, and the focus is on CRM system, cashier, performance appraisal, and appointment management software.

The 36-year-old door-to-door store is a beautiful SaaS product with SCRM membership management, smart appointments, performance pay, marketing card coupons, and all-round cashier. The door-to-door store products are WeChat public number and small program on the client side; the beautician is the mobile terminal for customer relationship maintenance, salary inquiry and reservation; the front end is Upad, mainly for cash register and reservation; there is also a store manager The overall background, mainly PC or integrated intelligent machine, to do the overall data management.

In fact, the process of management is also the process of depositing data, and the process of developing closed-loop and ecological. CEO Meng Fangang told reporters that the door-to-door store now uses the marketing tool + SaaS system to cut into the offline Meiye store, establish a strong relationship, and then pass the cash register system. Embedded WeChat and Alipay payment, the store's online water is introduced into the platform to deposit a large amount of funds, and finally, the big data analysis based on SaaS transaction data and consumer behavior data extends the US products and project supply chain. For example, the Menting Tube Store is currently working on a Korean skin tester. After the test, it is placed in the customer file and integrated into the intelligent management platform, so that customers can serve their personal characteristics when they come back.

The transformation of the beauty industry has formed two camps. One camp is a large clubhouse, which has accumulated a lot of old customers. The old customers have more and more demand for health care as they grow older. Once they have entered the health care, they will be connected to the Internet at 80 and 90. The main force is somewhat detached; there is also a newly opened store in the past two years. The newly opened store does not have the resources of the old members. How to serve the 80 and 90 people becomes the main task, and the young people belong to the Internet use scene. Therefore, the new store is easier to implant SaaS software. The door-to-door store is more inclined to the younger store, and after a period of experience and funds, it will be the old store.

For shops that are not informatized, the data entry in the early stage is the most troublesome. The door management store will send customer service to help organize the data. The time is about 2-3 days. The second is the popularity of software use. In this regard, the door management store has specialized training, including remote training of audio and video. The charging model is divided into private cloud deployment and public cloud. The public cloud is only 10,000 yuan, and then there is a maintenance fee of 1,000 yuan per year. The installation of the entire software can save the cost of the next person for the store.

The clients of the Menting Tube Store include Kristina, Silk Field Hair Care, Qingxi Aesthetics, Millennium Birds, and Natural Beauty.

In terms of industry competing products, the SaiS Providers of the US industry also include Boca, 喔 、, Mei Yuehui, Meijia, Meimei, Meiyebang and so on.

Meng Fangang believes that the threshold for doing SaiS in the US industry is software development capability. Only with strong R&D capability can a product with simple page, full-featured and suitable management be developed, and the customer and company stickiness will be improved, so the door-to-door management shop The idea is to make smarter products; the second is sales ability, the door management store now uses a partner approach, the agent channel can develop its own customers, currently there are more than 100 door partners.

The team is now 30 people, more than half of whom are technicians. CEO Meng Fangang has served as CEO of the Friends of Technology and CEO of the car, and has 8 years of experience in Internet and mobile Internet operations management. The company has completed the angel round of financing and plans to carry out the next round of financing.